John Thurman’s Resilient Solutions Shortcast

Providing you with brief, practical-faith-friendly tips, and tools you can use to be more resilient in your personal lives, relationships, faith, and business endeavors.

Don't we all struggle with various fears? In the first 9 Episodes of my Resilient Solutions Shortcast I have shared several common fears of creatives, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders. In today's show, I am giving you 2 ancient secrets for pushing back fear and becoming more successful.

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To read my blog: 2 Secrets Discovered in Ancient Text!

It is amazing how many allow the fear of success to keep them from going after their dreams, creating their next creative project, or taking that next step. In today's short cast I will give you three proven steps you can take to move through the fear of success.

The fear of criticism is a subtle and seductive fear that will hold you back from reaching your potential if you let it. This shortcast will show you 6 Tactics to Crush Criticiam

This week's podcast is an expansion of last week's introduction to 10 Ways to Defeat the Fear of Failure

One of the reasons people fail to pursue their personal, business, or spiritual dreams is rooted in the Fear of Failure. In this episode, John reveals 10 ways you can overcome that fear.

Research tells us that there are 4 key factors in moving through the pandemic and into the emerging "new normal."

Resilient Leaders demonstrate 5 common traits in a crisis. In addition, they engage in at least 4 activities as they lead their teams through tough times.

Resilient people have at least 10 traits that are consistent across most cultures. How many do you have. 

The top two traits of resilient people, Optimism, and the ability to experience post-traumatic growth.

In today's episode, you will learn about the importance of resilience and resistance in getting what you want out of life.

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